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 Saturday  Augest 5th,  2017

Due to heavy rains last night and Thursday night we have received approximately 2.45 inch in the past 48 hours. The course is very wet and lots on water is standing in the low areas. Today will be cart path only or rough only on the holes that do not have paths, so please be mindful.   Also on the course over the past week we are currently in the process of overseeding the collars and approaches with new variety's of grass to improve turf density and quality. 

Here is the Regional update for the USGA on how the 2017 golf season has progress so far




Monday, June 19th,  2017     Check out this good read from the USGA,   Summer is Approaching 

Thursday, June 8th,  2017

Summer is almost here with this beautiful sunny, 74 degree day in early June. The crew has been extremely busy trying to keep up with the growth of the grass but we found some time to add more channels for better rooting on our #7 Green. Thanks to Brent Wood at Site One who supplied a new blend of Mirimichi Green (screened to 90 SGN) and Dry Topdressing blended by Fertil Soil. Partnering this application with Mike Zellner from DryJect presents the opportunity to inject this blend directly into the soil profile. Mike did a fantastic job with the injection and the application was seamless. We feel this combination is the perfect synergism for optimized results. We would like to thank both Mike & Brent for the opportunity today. Balancing 45,000 rounds & agronomics is always 

Tuesday, May 16th,  2017

Today David Henricksen from Soil Works stopped in to see the course and preform a comprehensive profile evaluation of our greens.  He preformed a visual evaluation of the each profile for consistency of surface slope and drainage.  These environmental factors influence soil texture and organic matter layering in the root system. This onsite evaluation quickly evaluated and documented any potential for soil profile restriction in both infiltration and hydraulic conductivity in each green. The tool used to measure these valvues is call and POGO.  This instrument measures and record moisture and salt retention at 2” horizontal increments throughout the profile.  This tool is very benefial for moisture readings, salinity (EC) and canopy tempetures which are influential component of the turf.

IMG 0179IMG 0180IMG 0181IMG 0182IMG 0183IMG 0184IMG 0185 

Thursday, May 4th,  2017

Today we had the privilege of a course visit from Frank Rossi, a professor at Cornell University and Turf-grass specialist. His goal of research is to apply rigorous scientific methods to practical problems in turfgrass management. Specifically reduced fertilizer and pesticide use. This will improve the environment and make turfgrass management systems economically feasible in years to come. It was great to have him visit the property and see all the improvements, changes, and implements we have put into action over the past several years.  Receiving an outside perspective on the golf course is always beneficial because it provided us with even more scientific data and knowledge for creating the best possible playing surfaces for daily golf. 

visit 1visit 2visit 3


Thursday, April 27th,  2017

We have installed eighteen bird houses in many of the native areas and along the dry creek on the property.  These bird houses will support many species of birds that live on the property.  Purple martins that are native to North America rely heavily on man-made structures to dwell in and you'll enjoy watching their acrobatic style of flying. Helping birds in their natural environment helps keep our ecostructure the way it was intended.  

Tuesday, April 25th,  2017

The bunker reshaping project has begun once again, unfortunately some untimely weather has made this type of work challenging.  We have continued our efforts and have accomplished quite a bit. The green side bunkers on #9 #10, #11 and fairway bunkers on #12 are complete. This week we hope to have the rest of the green side bunkers on #12 finished. Here are a few pictures of the project.

IMG 0028IMG 0029IMG 0030IMG 0031

 Today we also applied a light topdressing to the greens to firm up the putting surface a bit more.  Last week we lowered the greens height of cut a significant amount and have incorperated more rolling into the weekly schedule to ensure they are putting consistently. 

IMG 0026

Wednesday,  March 29, 2017 

Spring is in the air and the golf course is open for play once again! The weather has been very unpredictable so far this season but hopefully warmer weather is here to stay. The course is very wet from yesterday's storm dropping .8 in of rain but the sun is out and we are greening up rather quickly thanks to our fertilizer applications prior to our last snow storm. Today we mowed greens for the third time this season, they look great and playing excellent.  We are in the process of grooming the turf back to typical mowing heights over the next few weeks. Eastern Irrigation is installing our new Flowtronex Pumpstation while Turf Equipment & Supply is setting up our new Toro Lynx irrigation control system and weather station. These upgrades are great improvements to our facility and will be a great asset to utilize the effeciency and effectiveness of our irrigation water.    Please Check out our Facebook Page  

3293294          NEW Flowtronics Pump in progess of installation.

32933292          Today Greens Mowing, Looking Excellent.

flags2  New Flags For the 2017 Golf Season 

Saturday, March 18th, 2017 

We have changed the clocks. We have been very busy on the course, but sometimes mother nature throws a shift in schedules once again.  Upgrading irrigation components has been put on hold and building bird houses has began to improve wildlife habitats on the property. We have had a few days in the 60's and 70's, yet the roller coaster of winter weather still continues. We had Winter Storm Stella hit on Monday night dropping 8 inch's of snow and temperatures in 20's and 30's. Today we are getting some light rain and is chipping away at the snow on the ground slowly. The ground is frozen and putting up a good fight though.  Eventually we will be through with this and actually be playing golf again.  Just think Spring is on Monday !

Here is a few pictures of snow cover 

IMG 3602IMG 3603IMG 3605IMG 3615

Saturday, March 11th, 2017 

Mother Nature is reminding us that winter isn't quite over yet. 4.5" of snow arrived yesturday.  Currently we are very busy on the course getting everything prepared for the golf season. Over the past week we have upgraded almost all of the irrigation valves for each of green complexes.  We also have completed our pre-spring fertilization to the Greens,Tees,Fairways and Rough.  We have started the process of adding ground into areas where trees have been removed. We will be leveling and grading these areas for seeding in the next couple weeks. Hopefully the weather will improve and we can get the grass growing again.

 Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.01.30 PM

Monday, February 27th

It's that time of year again! The weather looks fantastic and we are open for play, So get out there and stretch those winter legs and enjoy the warm days.

Last week we completed the first mowing of 2017 to the Greens, Tees, and Fairway. Doing this removes the winter fuzz and activates the plants for growing we also Planet-Aired the greens to allow the maximum amount of oxygen to enter the root zone and applied a light topdressing to firm up the putting surfaces. There is still some debris out on the course from the storm that rolled through over the weekend. We are diligently working to clean everything up.

It is still early in the season and the weather may decide to plunge back into winter temperatures, but lets hope for the best! 

Tuesday, February, 14th 

Over the weekend we received our first significant snow fall.  We accumulated around 6 inches, but do to the mild temperatures and rain most of the snow has melted once again. Last week, we returned from the Golf Industry Show, in Orlando Florida. This  is the largest industry show and education conference that occurs once a year. Attendance is global for this two part tradeshow and education event. The GCSAA Education Conference is the largest education event in the industry and covers all aspects of golf course management, including agronomics, environmental management, communications, leadership and business management. Hundreds of exhibitors spanned thousands of square feet of exhibit space. This show gives superintendents, owners, technicians and other golf facility professionals the opportunity to network and discuss the latest products and services in turf and facility care. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Spring is around the corner and winter so far has been very mild. We have received minimal amounts of snow fall over the past month and frequent amounts of rainfall.  The course has dried out over the past week, and tree work has continued.  Progress is coming along very well and looking great! A total of four areas have been completed, opening five greens to optimal amounts of sunlight and air movement.

This season we will also be enrolled in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf.  This is an award winning education and certification program that helps golf courses protect our environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game of golf. By helping golf courses enhance the valuable natural areas and wildlife habitats that a property provides, improve efficiency, and minimize potentially harmful impacts of golf course operations. The program serves an important environmental role worldwide. Audubon International has developed Standard Environmental Management Practices that are applicable to all golf courses. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017 

The snow has all but melted on the course except in some bunkers and isolated areas. We received almost 0.25 inches this week. The course is very wet, to say the least. We have moved off the course and to the entrance for tree work currently until the ground refreezes, hopefully this upcoming week.  So far this week the pines between 6 and 3 green have been removed and the area looks gre

Also this past week our new bedknife grinder arrived, Frontier’s Model BG1500. Rob Muth, our golf course mechanic, was in the process of grinding mower reels and now he has moved on to replacing and grinding bedknifes. With the new grinder arrival, he said the BG1500 cuts down on grinding times and gives the knife a sharper and more percise edge. Having the ability to maintain the sharpest edge possible is the critical element in establishing high levels of cut quality across the golf course.  Thank you, Finch Services

Check out our quick grinding video

Happy New Year to everyone! May it bring all of us good golfing and great weather!  The golf course has experienced two minimal snows, and two subsequent melts in the last month. December's temperatures ranged from a low of 12 to a high of 58.  The Turf is doing very well thanks to timely melting of any ice formation, and nice insulation from snow cover during those very cold nights.  So far, so good!

We have started our annual tree work.  Most tree work this winter is an effort of removing trees around the Green Complexes and other areas that currently have shade and air movement issues. There is no reasonable substitute for good sunlight penetration to a putting green and turf in general. If shade is present, it can cause poor quality growing conditions.

Three White Pine and a Norway Spruce were removed so far around the 15th green improving sunlight to the Green Complex. Prior to the removal, these trees blocked sunlight from the hours of 10am to 3pm in the winter months causing ice build up and decreased melting on warmer days. Now, this area will receive the proper hours of daylight, with an overall improvement of airflow and growing environment.